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本文摘要:A string of Twitter accounts have been closed after they were revealed to contain disturbing images of child abuse.在他们被找到所含令人不安的虐童照之后一连串的推特帐户早已被重开。

A string of Twitter accounts have been closed after they were revealed to contain disturbing images of child abuse.在他们被找到所含令人不安的虐童照之后一连串的推特帐户早已被重开。The graphic pictures were apparently made public late last night after hacking groups claimed to have broken into private accounts to expose their indecent content, the NSPCC said.照片似乎是在昨晚晚些时候公开发表的,在黑客的组织声称早已藏身私人账户来传出他们的猥亵内容,全国避免折磨儿童协会说道。The charity said it received a flurry of reports overnight relating to at least half a dozen Twitter accounts which were later disabled.该慈善机构回应一夜之间它接到了一系列牵涉到最少半打后来被停止使用的Twitter账户的报告。

They will now be investigated in the US, where the micro-blogging site is based.他们现在将在美国被调查,那里是微博网站的创建地。An NSPCC spokesman said: Apparently these were pretty disturbing images of child abuse.英国避免折磨儿童协会的发言人说道:“很似乎这是十分令人不安的折磨儿童照。We understand the authorities in the US are now looking at the accounts.“我们解读美国当局现在正在调查这些账户。


”The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) said it had also received around 30 reports, relating to at least four accounts.为儿童获取互联网在线维护的开发中心(Ceop)回应它也接到大约30份报告,牵涉到最少四个账户。A spokesman added: Twitter are obliged by law to send details of any accounts containing indecent images of children to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC] in the US.一位发言人补足道:“Twitter有法律义务把包括儿童猥亵照的任何帐户细节发给在美国的国家下落不明与虐待儿童援助中心[NCMEC]。


NCMEC will then forward information for investigation to law enforcement agencies in the relevant country where the user is believed to be based, or children believed to be at risk.“NCMEC将把用作调查的信息发送到那些涉及国家的执法人员机构,他们指出用户是基础或孩子们不存在风险。”Authorities were first alerted to the apparent abuse by a number of Twitter users at around 11.30pm.在下午11:30左右当局第一次醒来到这个由很多Twitter用户展开的显著欺诈。This came after hackers apparently opened up a number of private accounts which were previously kept hidden from public view, the NSPCC said.在黑客显而易见地对外开放了许多以前退出公众视线的私人账户之后事情再次发生了,全国避免折磨儿童协会说道。It remains unclear whether any of the images were uploaded by a British user or a user based abroad.目前尚能不确切图片否由英国用户或海外用户上载。

The nationalities of any children involved are also unknown.牵涉到的任何一个孩子的国籍也是不得而知的。Twitter has yet to comment on the images but has apparently issued a response to anyone contacting the company over the images of alleged abuse.Twitter仍未对这些图片公开发表评论,但似乎早已就所谓的折磨照与该公司有关的任何人做出了对此。This reads: We do not tolerate child pornography on Twitter. When we are made aware of such images they will be removed from the site without further notice.上面写出着:“我们不能容忍Twitter下有儿童色情内容。